How to create a fake Gmail Account using Password 2021

A majority of people have at least one email account. Whatever platform you choose to use to send your emails, it requires an address and phone number. The phone number is able to be used up 5 times to access email accounts. But, you can also have multiple email accounts by using the same number. So, let's take a closer look at How to make a fake Gmail account fast and free

It can be quite annoying to input your phone number when you set up an email address. It is also important to remember that you can only have one number, and you aren't able to create additional accounts if there aren't any other numbers. Therefore, you can set up a Gmail account without the use of an the email generator, and without providing an OTP number, a phone number, and confirmation. It's a simple process and you will only need the Android phone. This is how you create a fake Gmail account with your smartphone.

Step 1. Open Gmail App

Open the Gmail app on your smartphone. To create an account that is easy, you can use your mobile's data.

Step 2: Select the menu

Open the Gmail app and find the menu button that has three stripes symbol. Click on Menu and then the Add Account section will be displayed in the list.

Step 3: Select Google

If you click "Add account" Three options will appear. These include Google personal, Gmail, or exchange to set up email configuration. Google for Gmail

Step 4: Check the Information

The page will be redirected to the Checking Info page. Once there you will see the Create a Google Account page. So, provide information as necessary and then fill in your first name, last name, then click next to continue.

Step 5: Skipping Phone Number

Google will then request you to enter a telephone number. But, it's not required to add a phone number. Instead, select the skip button. This will result in a a fake Gmail password that has no OTP, confirmation, nor the phone number.

Nevertheless, take into consideration that this method can be performed only with your Android smartphone, not your laptop or computer. Once you've set up the fake Gmail account, you are able to use it just as normal as regular Gmail using a phone number.

The Benefits of Creating a Fake Gmail Account

You might be thinking what the advantages of this process. Well, you won't get the annoying spam emails, including newsletter or free samples no more. Instead, they'll go directly to junk within your emails. A fake Gmail account will allow you to protect your privacy. While you might not be aware of that, email addresses that are connected to real data can be sold.

Disposable Gmail addresses

Besides creating a fake Gmail account using the help of your phone, you could also use generator options to create a disposable Gmail address. If you do this, you will have a fake account which cannot be traced. Mailinator and MaskMe are most effective methods to create an unusable Gmail Address.

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